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Pray Locally, for HCPC

  • Clients - All past, present, and future clients.

  • Hotline - Those who need help, that God would lead them to the hotline, and that the hotline would be truly a lifeline.

  • Finances - An abundance of finances so we can, in turn, minister in the full capacity to which Gad has called us to.

  • Volunteers - Those who serve, that God blesses them in there jobs, finances, marriages, families, and children; the spouses who are deployed.

  • Board Members - The pastors and congregations of those who serve.

  • Communications - Our websit, Facebook page, newsletters, and other forms of communications.

Pray regionally, for Germany

  • Abortion facilities in Germany - The centers which preform abortions will close.

  • German and international community - Those who need our services will come to receive.

  • Local Churches - The pastors and other leaders would be like-minded and united in love through Christ.

  • US Military - We have learned that abortions are the "go-to-method" for those in the military who are concerned about there careers. Pray for commanders and squadrons to offer support rather than pressure to abort.

Pray Internationally

  • Abortion - The end of abortion in each nation.

  • Other CPC's - All other crisis pregnancy centers around the world.

  • Post-Abortion - Those who have been effected by abortion, that they receive healing and come to know Jesus Christ.

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